What does living fully mean to you?

Are you feeling stuck? Do you wonder what you are doing with your life or why others seem to be moving forward while you feel left behind? Whether you are feeling the call to change careers, clarify your beliefs and values, expand horizons or just feeling lost and want to find your way, holistic coaching is a great way to help you re-find your path. Coaching is perfect for someone who doesn’t need clinical therapy, but wants someone to guide, support, and help them on the path to wholeness.

Holistic coaching looks at the health of a person as a whole–body, mind, and spirit. In the coaching process we will look at each of these aspects of your life and where we can increase health and wellness while helping you to explore and achieve your goals.

As part of the coaching process I may explore expressive modalities (painting, drawing, collage, body awareness, and writing) to help invigorate your creativity and clarify your voice. We will look at lifestyle, career, relationships, spiritual life and daily practices.  Through this process I will help you to identify the key elements to creating a balanced and fulfilling life.

Coaching can be especially helpful for:

-Next career steps
-Making life decisions
-Developing life sustaining daily habits and practices
-Improving relationships